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The saying ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ simply doesn’t apply here!

Bliss is a full service Design, Development and Technical Strategy firm. We strive to offer you a one stop solution for all things technical, graphic and web. From beautifully designed Branding, show stopping Print Design and killer first impression web design, Bliss has it all!

The Design and Development team at Bliss by Design has worked, and studied, hard to become well versed in many schools of design and technology. Services range from Design and Technical Strategy to Branding and Identity, Print Design, Web Design, Event and Presentation Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Desktop Publications, Illustration and more!

Marketing Testimonials

As an owner of a salon, We needed help in marketing, graphic designing and website building for our business. Megan Regalado exceeded our expectations, as she was able to give us everything that we needed and more then we could hope for. She designed a unique and phenomenal website, not only is it beautiful but so user friendly. She made us a custom logo, that suites our business wonderfully. She drove our social media following and interaction through the roof. Since working with her our business has doubled, almost tripled in profit.She can truly cover all aspects of marketing and graphic designing in a way the most people can’t even imagine. She is the best in the business and the best for your business.I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. Jessica Gossard

Owner, My Hair Therapy

I worked with Megan and found her to be one of the nicest, most thoughtful, intelligent and creative people I’ve ever worked with! Her knowledge of marketing is outstanding, and her ability to keep a “cool head” under pressure are her strongest points in my opinion. Please feel free to contact me for further information. Lev Chapin

Graphic Designer, High Country Harley Davidson

Megan did an outstanding job while she worked for our company. In addition, I have hired her to consult on a few projects since her employment with us. Megan is unequivocally one of the best employees I’ve worked with. Chad Beals

CEO, iHyper Interactive

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Wondering where to start? The best place is with a consultation. Aubrey Wilson has created success for many businesses through a personal consultation. We at bliss by design feel that every business could use a custom game plan for their marketing and business. With Aubreys experience in networking, business creation and her creativity you are sure to find ways to increase your market share!

Web Design

Did you know that 90% of customers will look at your website before ever contacting, or to stopping in your brick and mortar business? What impression would you like your customers to have before that initial person to person interaction? Does your business present well with a professional touch? bliss by design can help you create the perfect first impression!


Already have a great brand image, website, and customer base but just don’t have enough revenue? Want to explode your businesses potential? This is where Marketing and SEO comes into play. An innovated website is like a amazing car, yes it will look great parked in your drive way, but put a little gas (marketing and seo) in it and that is were you will really see results. Megan a proven track record with return on investments in the millions with companies such as Harley Davidson, Miller Coors and industry leading coaches!

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